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Loke Siew Fook DAP Socialist Youth (DAPSY) National Chairman and MP for Rasah 4 August 2009It is sickening to see that a person with supposedly strong academic credentials and high religious stature can produce such cruel and heartless remarks over the issue of Teoh Beng Hock’s unborn child.By twisting a dreadful tragedy with his zealous agenda against “bastard children” in his Utusan Malaysia article, Dr. Mohd Ridhuan, the vice-president of the Malaysian Chinese Muslim Association, has caused immense emotional damage to Teoh’s family.Whatever superficial sympathy Dr. Mohd Ridhuan has for Teoh’s family is lost when he chooses to harp on the status of the child, whom he labels as an illegitimate child. Dr. Mohd Ridhuan has also compared Teoh’s child to the children of “Malay-Muslim girls who have sex with Muslim or non-Muslim partners with or without consent”, who are born without taking their father’s names.By comparing, with blatantly racist language, an unborn child of an engaged couple who is painfully separated by the fiance’s mysterious death, to children who are results of unplanned conception, Dr Mohd Ridhuan has shown everyone how low he can go to hurt other human beings with broken logic.As if that wasn’t enough, Dr. Mohd Ridhuan produced another hurtful article to slam his critics, labelling two Chinese language dailies – China Press and Nanyang Siang Pau – as racist, for highlighting his own racist outbursts. You can’t get more hypocritical than that.DAPSY condemns in the strongest possible terms, the decision by Dr. Mohd Ridhuan to produce such insensitive, racist, zealous and hypocritical writings and the decision by Utusan Malaysia to publish them. DAPSY calls on Dr. Mohd Ridhuan to immediately apologize to Teoh’s family and to China Press and Nanyang Siang Pau, for all they have done is to reveal and reject his nasty character.Comments (2)2 Comments »Its not always about racism. But it is convenient to hide behind it. In this case, it is about INSENSITIVITY. That, we cannot stomach. Look at remarks on Yasmin Ahmad, most malaysians regardless race condemned it.Anyway, Dr Riduan Tee, here’s something which may help you in your life..”Wise men talk because they have something to say, fools talk because they have to say something” PlatoComment by kn — August 6, 2009 @ 10:30Who is this bastard of a mohd ridhuan ? Is he a Chinese ? If he is one he certainly does’t speak like one neither does he speak like a dr. Get rid of that dr in front of your name mohd, what sort of a fucking dr r u. Where is your compassion,your understanding,your sympathy towards a dead ma’s unborn child. Has everything to be reduced to your fucking religion ? Your conversion to islam is your own personal business but why must u be used as cat paws by your umno muslims for their unmuslim benefit ? Have u no guilt or shame that u can be used to such an extent as to shame the man who fathered u n the mother who gave birth to u ?R your parents still alive mohd ? If they r not, their bones must be rattling in their graves,if they r they must be hiding in shame to know that a son they brought into the world is now considered a bastard by every non muslim n also by real muslims. They would b happier now if they had flushed u down the toilet when u were born. They wasted all their effort bringing u up hoping u would take care of them in old age n sweep their graves after death. Now u won’t b doing either, they wouldn’t want to b associated with u. I m sure your relatives feel the same. U have tainted your family with your stupidity for monetary gain. Your conversion was not through conviction, it was with an ulterior motive.As for your children they won’t be carrying your name. They will be ahmad bin abdullah or something akin to that. 2 generations down they will be saying “I don’t know who the fuck my grandfather is. He was an arsehole who brought shame to the family”. They will be like bastards who can’t trace a family history.If u can be the president of the chinese muslim association I shudder to think what the other chinese muslims r like………? Thieves, robbers, criminals or some other unsavoury characters !Wishing u and family miserable lives n deaths.Comment by Tulan Chin — August 6, 2009 @ 11:31

Apakah ini yang dikehendaki oleh pengundi-pengundi pada PRU 13 nanti.Wahai sahabat fikirkanlah untuk kebaikan agama bangsa dan negara.Pemuda UMNO Tmn Melewar Insyaallah dgn izin Allah SWT sentiasa bersedia memperjuangkan Agama yg tercinta di bumi betuah ini.Amin

Pergerakan Pemuda UMNO Cawangan Taman Melewar......

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